Description SAS is a french/ Paris based company launched en 2010 by Kima Ventures, Studio Melipone & Steaw. is our main offer and it aim to bring the best online solution to create online directories, draw org chart and presents teams.


En 2010, was a service for creating online business card, everyone was talking about online identities and each week a new social network was launched.

Since then more than 10 000 people try it and create their "card". So it had been hard to find a business model. During summer 2012, it was decided to make a pivot. Richard Malterre became the new CEO to find a new path for the service. become in october 2012 a tool to create online direcories. Mars 2013, Google sync had been added, offers Google Apps for Business the simpiest way to display all their users with style.

Summer 2013, a new generation of org chart drawer is released. The company get its first hundred consumers. January 2014, paid version of the service is launched. March 2014, decome to better fit his product and market.





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