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une fois votre compte créé toute les interfaces de la gestion des utilisateurs à l'annuaire sont en français. está disponible en español

Una vez creada la cuenta de todas las interfaces de gestión de los usuarios en el directorio están en español. is simple to use but offers a lot of options here you can discover our greats features

We want to be a really convenient solution, easy to use and fast to implement.

Find how can help your business, your organizations or teams.

Custom design with your logo & brand colors

We offer you the possibility to customize your Without any technical skill required, you can upload your logo and select your company’s colors.

Here are some example : Game of Thrones, Adventure Time

Secured access with https protocol

All directory are private and protected through HTTPs protocol.
Which means data are encrypted between your computer and our servers. We use 256-bit encryption for optimal protection so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Organization chart easy-to-use

When we started to work on organizational chart, we wanted something easy to use and quick to publish. And we've made it !

Choose who's the boss and it’s done. It works with matrix organization, hierarchy and departments aren’t linked to the process.

Pictures centric display of all members

People are a really important part of the experience.
We wanted you to better understand other organization's members and we think a big picture is a good start. Our goal is to humanize company the best way possible.

Dashboard to manage Invitations & profiles

it's the Control Center of From it, admins can invite, accept and manage people’s card. We've made it simple enough that you don't need a degree in astophysics to understand how it works !

That’s the experience.

Share your directory

A directory is private. To access to your org chart, your teamate have to create accounts, but you can also add a whitelist of IP.

So, it can be fully public and intgrated with our embed code.

Contact informations & social networks

"Cards" are basically our profile's pages. Each members got his own.

A person who was invited into a directory can add his photo, contacts informations and social networks. Administrator of a directory can add, edit and modify all the cards, just in case.


How to add and invite co-worker to your company’s directory ?
We offer choices : import from gmail or outlook, from your address book by using a '.csv' file or connect with the Google app of your domain.
It’s simple, easy, and takes not more than 2 minutes.

Connect with all Major Social Networks

You've invited hundred of people to join your company’s directory and you don't want them loose time ? We don't want you too neither, so they can simply sign up with their favorite social network, and “voila” !

Dedicated smartphone interface

Because finding a phone number or an address when you're on the move isn't always easy, we built a dedicated interface for smartphone. Email, phone numbers and social networks of your teammates are always one “tap” away.

Print a list or a mozaic view of all members but only as admin

Our customers asked us for an easy way to print. So we do. You can print a beautiful mozaic view of all members sort in department or print a useful list with names, phonenumbers, emails and departments' names.