Build incorruptible organizations
Without a line of code.
Flexible. Programmable. Transparent.
Meet the new generation of digital organizations
Organizations are not fixed objects: they are living organisms, made of people and motivation. They evolve everyday. With, build organizations that grow with you, without growing complexity or overhead.
Work with thousands of integrations, directly in your workspace. Approve payments in dollars, euros, bitcoins or ether. Encrypt receipts and save them on an eternal database. Share them with your finance department and update your budget in real-time. All in one movement.
Make your organization an open source democracy, and prove to your community that you follow every rules. Make it an efficient, accountable organism, where corruption is impossible and participation is rewarded.
Trust that lasts.
We are on a mission to build the new standard for trust: aligning users, employees, shareholders and values, in all transparency. Web technologies, cryptography and peer-to-peer networks allowed individuals to build ownership and certainty without vendor lock-in. We are here to make this a reality for the 200+ millions non-profits, small and medium businesses, governments and citizens that need it the most. We are a free and open-source community, committed to building trust that lasts. With you. Forever.